23 12 2009

Personally, I’m not a fan of winter. Those pretty white flakes that so many so adore, only add hours to my commute. And never have I found a fat, jolly man shimmyin’ down my chimney with Tiffanys in tow.

BUT, the chilly season does do one thing right! It gets families together, and the brisk temperatures keep people indoors, and in their kitchens!

I thought I’d share some tasty lookin’ treats I stumbled upon on the world wide web. They were just too fantastic to resist for this holiday season!

Bake and build your own mini gingerbread houses to perch on the side of your mug using the printable templates available for download at

The gourmet hot chocolate cubes on the tips of  wooden spoons are sold in Europe, but it would make for a fun project to try at home and have ready to be stirred into warm milk as soon as the reindeer show up! (At least that sounds like a stellar Saturday night to me. Hungry Homebody? Guilty!)

Check those out at

Let me know if you give these a try!

Happy holidays!!!





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