Potayto, Potahto

14 12 2009

Some see food as a work of art.

Others see it as a necessity.

There are even those who view it as an enemy.

Perception can be a funny thing… and fans of the show Dexter know exactly what I’m talking about! The Showcase series follows the exploits of a seemingly ordinary Miami resident who leads a secret life as an avenging serial killer — sound strange? It’s as entertaining as the fictionally bizarre can be!

The opening credits for the show capture Dexter’s morning routine… waking up, a clean shave, breakfast, and out the door. Quick as they are, the fleeting culinary shots present a totally unique way of looking at food… through the eyes of a murderer;  food in its most demonized form.  

Maybe it’s a visual message with a deeper meaning? A metaphor exposing how we all like to turn a blind eye to the (for lack of a prettier word) murder involved in making the sausage in our Egg McMuffins. Wouldn’t we all prefer a side order of blissful ignorance with our Happy Meal?

Or maybe it’s just good entertainment… I suppose the meaning is in the perceptful eye of the beholder.




2 responses

14 12 2009

Definitely a very thought provoking intro that portrays very normal situations, revealing a close up and personal perspective. For me, it kind of shows things aren’t always what they seem when we delve into focus. I think it reflects Dexter’s life as the American dream…and perhaps every other seemingly perfect family with their dream homes and successful jobs. Just a thought

14 12 2009
Jo Gryfe

I totally agree! I’d imagine that’s probably the route the producers were going for, but I like to reevaluate everything through the lens of my stomach! ‘Redigest’ if you will?
Maybe I should have written “…it’s a visual message with a deeper gastronomic meaning?”
Thanks for your comment!!!

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