Are You Nuts?

1 12 2009

Subliminal messaging — it’s everywhere you look! In the advertisements that surround us, in the literature that educates us, and even in the food that nourishes us! 

Handing someone a side salad instead of onion rings or fries says: “It’s time to tone that tummy!” Just as opting to give the gift of homemade cookies over an Entenmann’s box says: “I care… as in oatmeal-raisin-kind-of-care… which is a lot!”

Food can tell us incredible amounts about our personalities, life choices, and societal values, but I’d never considered just how straight forward food can be when communicating with the brain attached to the mouth that’s eating it!

This might sound mishugganuts, BUT… have you ever looked at a walnut? I mean really looked at a walnut? Does it remind you of anything? I’ll give you a minute to think outside of the shell…

Have you ever noticed the walnut’s resemblance to the human brain? If that’s too much of a stretch for you to see… then at least you can recognize its Rorschach similarities (basically a spolotchier, more abstract manifestation of our skull’s innards)?

Well, I was flipping through the December issue of Psychology Today and right there on page 57 is an article on this smart little nut that scientists have now revealed as a prominent protector of neuro-health. Apparently, just 1 ounce (7-9 nuts) of walnuts every day fends off age-related cognitive degeneration! 

SO, the nut that looks like a brain can actually help prevent your brain from decomposing and turning you into some old nut! 

It could just be a giant coincidence, but I still think it’s amazing that a food can reflect what it most affects in your body… though I certainly don’t imagine a cupcake shaped like my hips would be all that appealing…




One response

10 01 2010

I beg to differ, I think a cupcake shaped like your hips would be incredibly appealing.

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