One Stylish Foodie

1 11 2009

Let’s face it. In the grocery store, we’re all just puppets. 

Though the majority of us won’t actually admit it, when it comes to spending our hard earned dollars on food, our decisions are often based on little more than bright colours, pretty packaging, and a catchy slogan.

And when we find that we’ve been buying all the “wrong” products for all this time (it feels like that more and more lately) we could blame it on the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, or advertising agencies, or maybe even Mr. Christie and Mrs. Crocker themselves for manipulating our stomachs with their capitalist genius. But the truth is, there’s really only one person who can be held responsible for brainwashing us. Only one person who has kept us buying the products we do: 

The Food Stylist.

I too was ignorant of this fact, until last week. I enrolled in a week long intensive workshop in food styling, and under the instruction of industry veteran Delores Custer, I learned the tricks of the trade. The placement of a single crumb, the perfectly plump looking (because though it appears to be, it’s most likely not even cooked!) turkey, how tomato sauce clings to a thread of pasta… when we see it, we want it. When we want it, we buy it! 

While it may seem simple — how hard can it be to convince someone that they want to eat an ooey gooey slice of pizza or a giant juicy burger? — it takes a real talent for gastronomy, an artful eye, and an incredible amount of patience.

For the final assignment of the course, a professional photographer came in to shoot dishes styled by us students. My group opted for a winter dessert, with a look inspired by LCBO’s Food & Drink Magazine.

final food styling

Looks real? This time it was — Chocolate mousse and apricot shortbread cookies from scratch.

Looks delicious? Oh believe me, it was that too!

Looks easy? Think again.

 Cooking/baking time aside, just to get this one shot took 2 hours! And we were told that is a completely NORMAL amount of time! As absurd as it may be, you have to admit that our final product is enough to get you salivating… and enough to get your wheels rolling you over to the grocery store!




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