Got Milk?

11 09 2009

When your roux is aching for some moisture, it’s go time.
(Get your mind out of the gutter… I’m talking about making Mac and cheese!)

 I reached for the milk carton and found there was just barely enough to dampen the flour-fat playdough lump at the bottom of my pot. Nobody panic. 
Water? Only if I have to…
Orange Juice? I’ve already satiated my Vitamin C requirement for the day…
Beer? Now there’s a thought!

Brewed up some Mac and Cheese...

It went into the oven with a prayer, and came out singin’ my praises! Mac and cheese bubbled with a freshly cracked brew with scallions and spicy flecks swimming through it… perhaps my finest improvisation yet?

This might seem like the ultimate combination for a college crowd, but I think you’ll find that replacing the usual cream and milk with a nice ale will please any crowd you serve it to!




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